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The POS system made by a small business for small businesses

We See What Troubles You

Small business owners don’t have the tools to save them time and simplify making the right decisions.
Not Enough Time

You have to spend too much time on vital, but tedious tasks that could be easily automated

Thing like sales tracking and reporting, clocking in, cash register, tax obligations and more.

Data Not Available

You do not have the peace of mind that comes from always knowing that the business is on track.

You have to resort to making decisions based on your gut feeling, which can cause cascading problems.

Client Relationships Underutilized

Customer relationships are crucial to any business.

Keeping track of thousands of clients and customers is difficult without the proper tools.

Stop wasting time

Small business owners are often wasting their time attending to agendas that can be easily automated.

Gather crucial insight

They have not reached the full breadth of insight into their business as the gathering of the necessary data is difficult and its processing and interpretation requires deep expertise.

Prevent cascading problems

Instead of making data-driven decisions, they go with their gut feeling. And more likely than not, that causes them cascading problems.

Automate Vital Tasks

A small business requires a number of small but vital and sometimes tedious tasks which amount to a lot of effort. We can take away most of these tasks.

Engage employees too

To get all the necessary data, an efficient register interface is needed. And employees have to love using it.

Relate to customers

Customer relationships are crucial to any business. Keeping track of thousands of clients and customers is difficult without the proper tools.


Figure means a swift iPad register, a powerful manager interface and a reliable cloud infrastructure
Full package

A simple, integrated solution, connecting the crucial elements of your business.

Process automation

We automate the tedious process of repetitive, day-to-day tasks, such as sales processing, clocking, payroll,, or tax obligations. Even more than that: we will make your employees’ lives easier, so they will love using the system.

Integrated payment processing

Employees use Figure to process sales and payments, and Figure turns this information into useful insights for them, and most importantly, for you. Always up-to-date, any time, any place.

Performance insights

Figure provides a practical overview of how your business is performing: you will have the key numbers, as well as longer-term trends always at hand. Do you prefer to do the analysis yourself? It’s easy: all the raw data is always available to you.

Customer relationships

Figure helps manage customer relationships and helps you connect to them by remembering their special requests, and by reaching out to them with promotions.

Work tracking & payroll

Figure will simplify your payroll by automating clock-ins and matching it with salary rates.

Figure Register

Figure register brings a simple yet powerful interface your employees will enjoy using. You will get all the sales data you need through these feature-rich, flexible interfaces.

Register Features

  • Processing orders
  • Options, Modifications, ± Pricing
  • Payment processing, card processing, EMV
  • Payment advances, deposits, splits andpartial payments,
  • Customer management
  • Employee clock and payroll
  • Analytics to support salespeople’s decision making

Figure Manage

When you have all the data in, you need a useful tool to analyze them. Figure provides that tool, too.

Manage Features

  • Reviewing sales
  • Powerful reporting
  • Employee management, payroll
  • Product/service portfolio management

Figure Cloud

See how your business is performing from anywhere, any time

Cloud Features

  • Fast setup of the POS system
  • Seamless synchronization of multiple store locations
  • Accessibility from your workplace, office, home, on the road
  • Backup “offline mode” for those situations when your Internet is down
  • Backups and stability, security

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