Figure your restaurant

The point of sale answer from front to back.

Figure works for you

Nothing beats a smooth operation. Figure ensures the details are checked and everything adds up. From the front to the back of the house, Figure orchestrates with ease.

We got you covered  at the point of sale. This way, you can focus on what matters more: seeing your customers smile.

“Processing orders on the fly has never been easier. We have been able to take our business beyond our brick & mortar location with this simple to use yet powerful tool.”

Esther Choi, Mokbar

The key to managing your restaurant

Whether you’re taking an order, coordinating with the kitchen, or splitting a check, Figure simply gets things done.

So your hands are free to take care of business.

  • Accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
  • Enjoy low credit card fees with interchange plus
  • Keep up with sales even when internet doesn’t with offline payments
  • Send and print orders to the kitchen
  • Tailor your menu, modifications, tipping, and taxes
Per Month

$40 for first terminal
+ $20 for each additional terminal

Per Transaction

+ 0.05% interchange plus pricing*

* Interchange fees are set between the card issuer and the issuing bank.

See the whole picture

Run your business from a bird’s eye view.

Know the patterns of your store so you can make informed decisions and retain customers.

  • Track your product revenue streams through detailed reporting
  • Understand customer patterns and behaviors
  • Manage employee hours with an integrated clock-in system
  • Oversee multiple locations of your business altogether

All the tools you need

Figure equips you with what you need.

See your business grow with increased productivity. For when you and your employees are brilliant, your customers can tell.

  • Calculate and collect tips with ease through tipping presets
  • Create customer profiles automatically with each swipe
  • Take down delivery orders quickly
  • Email digital receipts to customers

Let Figure help.
It’s time for more.