Will you be our new colleague?

We are building Figure, an application for payments, sales and analyses.

Figure consists of an iOS app a web app and the entire system is cloud-based.

Check out our stack to see what we work with!

Frontend developer

You will be working on the cutting edge of our frontend Angular/Redux app.

Are you into functional programming? Great, you’ll put it to good use.

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Backend Developer

You will be pushing the evolution of our Java backend.

Are you a professional when it comes to backend technologies?

Are you into DevOps and QA? Great, you’ll help us establish the best practices.

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iOS developer

You will be driving the advancements four iOS app. It’s currently a native app written in Swift.

Do you have broader experience or interest in mobile apps? Are you not madly fixated on iOS only? Great, you’ll help us implement the best practices.

Experience with memory profiling, automated testing and release cycle management are all pluses.

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Software Tester

You’ll perform manual testing to ensure our app created by developers is fit for purpose.

Do you love finding bugs, are you perfectionist? Fine, you’ll help us to get the job done right.

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