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Add items to POS

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To add items to schematized screen on POS, it is necessary to create these items first in Figure Manage (1). After the items are created, it is possible to add them to the schematized screen (2) – follow the steps below.

1. Add items in Figure Manage

See a detailed article on this here, or follow the simplified steps below:

[1] Log into Figure Manage website with your credentials and go to Management -> Items & Categories

[2] Create a category or item (creating a category is not necessary, it is possible to start creating items right away).

[3] Create an item. Items can be added to a category.

See adding a new item in a recording:

2. Add items to Schematized view in POS

[1] Log into Figure Manage website with your credentials and go to Management -> Sales Input -> POS Register.

[2] Find items by scrolling, choosing a category, or use a search bar.

[3] Drag items from the right to the Schematized part on the left to show them in your Figure POS app.

[4] Do not forget to hit ‘Save‘ once you are done!

See a recording of adding an item to Schematized view: