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Add manually or import (CSV) items to Figure. Set prices, modifiers or options. Then, use those items to create menus for individual services such as POS (see how), Kiosk or Online Ordering (see how). It is up to you which items you are going to sell online or on POS.
You can add items right away or you can organize them in categories.

Add Items – Manually

[1] Go to Figure Manage

[2] Go to Management -> Items & Categories

[3] Hit New Item

[4] Fill the item information:

  • Item Name*: this will be displayed at every service and receipt if not set differently in ‘Additional Info’ for each part of the system
  • Active: keep this setting ‘on’ if the item should be active and used in the menu
  • Category: you can create categories such as beverages, luch, etc, to better organize your items and menus. If you want to add an item under a category, that category has to be created first, or the item can be assigned to any category later.
  • Icon & Color: these will be displayed in your POS
  • Pricing Type*: choose a pricing type – learn more about different pricing types
  • Fixed Price*


[5] Add Options if needed (for ‘Set In Options’ pricing type)

[6] Add Modifiers if needed
Modifiers = additions, modifications or exclusions that you can add to any item.

[7] Set Aditional info

  • Display name: this name will be displayed to your customers
  • Register Name: this name will be displayed on your POS
  • Order/Kitchen Name: this name will be printed on your kitchen receipts and displayed on your Kitchen Display
  • Alternative Names: this helps to identify your items which might be coming from 3rd parties’ websites such as Grubhub, Doordash. In case you are selling a Banana, which is named ‘Banana’ in the Figure system, but in Grubhub system it is named ‘The Yellow Thing’, add ‘The Yellow Thing’ as an alternative name for Banana item. This way, the system will recognize it is the same item. See this article on Alternative Names.
  • Tags
  • Product Description: Add a description which will be displayed on your Online Ordering website or Kiosk. Describe ingredients, etc.
  • Image: Upload an image of the meal
  • Multiple Pieces: Use this when an item consists of several parts. This is used mostly by drycleaning services.
  • Contain Alcohol: When this is marked, the online ordering will always notify customers that an item they are about to order, contains alcohol.
  • Item Note: Item notes are allowed by default for all items. By using this setting, you can disallow adding items notes on Online Ordering (Make It Butter) or Kiosk.
  • Always Open Popover: When an item will be tapped on POS, the item detail will always open.

Add Items – CSV Import

[1] Go to Figure Manage

[2] Go to Management -> Items & Categories

[3] Hit Import.csv button

[4] Hit Download .csv to download a CSV template

[5] Open the downloaded file and fill the columns as needed

[6] When the file is completed, save it and go back to Figure Manage -> Items & Categories

[7] Hit Import .csv

[8] Choose Import .csv

[9] Choose the saved CSV filed you’ve just created

Your menu is created. You can adjust the items manually.

Note: Currently, it is not possible to download already existing menus from Figure Manage in a CSV form.

Tip: See how to add created items to your POS and Make It Butter (online ordering):