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Alternative Names for Items

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The use of Alternative Names

You can use Figure as an Aggregator and receive orders from multiple external services (such as Grubhub, Doordash, Ubereats, Slice, etc.). Alternative Names are being used when an item has a different name in Figure system than on those external services that you receive orders from.

Let’s say, in Figure, an item is named ‘Green Salad’. But on one of the external services, the same item is named ‘The Best Salad You’ve Ever Tasted’. If you have Figure integrated with that external ordering service and a customer orders that item, you might want it to come to Figure as ‘Green Salad’ to keep all your reporting clear and processes smooth by avoiding confusion in the kitchen – items can always print the same – Figure – name in the kitchen, no matter how they are named on different services.
To make this possible, the only thing you have to do is to set the Alternative Name for ‘Green Salad’ as ‘The Best Salad You’ve Ever Tasted’. Then, anytime the ‘The Best Salad You’ve Ever Tasted’ is ordered on the external service and will come to Figure, in Figure, it will match by the Alternative Name and it will use the Figure name – ‘Green Salad’ – further on in the process – for printing (if not set differently), reports, etc.

How to set Alternative Names

Follow the steps below or see the screen recording at the end of this page.

[1] Go to Figure Manage and log in with your credentials.

[2] Go to Management -> Items & Categories

[3] Search for an item you want to set the Alternative Name for, or create a new item if needed (how to create a new item).

[4] Open the item detail by clicking on the row

[5] Open the Additional Info section

[6] Find the Alternative Names field and enter the name that is being used on the external services.
You can either input the name manually, or you can choose it from the dropdown – the options in the dropdown will show only in case you’ve already received an order witch such item. If you don’t see the correct suggestions in the dropdown, just type it in manually.

[7] Hit Save

See the recording of how to set up the alternative names: