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Figure Manage – a simple guide

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Manage everything from one place!

Sign in to with your credentials in order to check your sales reports, set up and modify your menu, manage employees, and much more.

Basic Navigation

Figure Manage has three main sections:


Check your sales performance, cash management, time sheets or customers’ data and feedback.


  • set up your menu in Items & Categories
  • adjust your POS/Kiosk screens and online ordering menu in Sales Input
  • set up discounts or extra pricings in ± Pricings agenda
  • manage Employees – their personal information, positions and accesses


  • customize all of your receipts – sales, kitchen, or email receipts
  • set up surcharge, enable cash/card Payments
  • activate the Loyalty Program
  • customize Online Ordering website
  • configure delivery partners, areas, and fees in the Delivery section – for both POS and Online Ordering