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Sign Up

  • Go to and Sign Up in just a few steps!
  • Check this article to get familiar with Figure Manage – the management tool where you can do all the account configuration and see all the reports.

Add Restaurant Info

After your account is created, it is necessary to fill your restaurant information. This contact information will be also displayed on your online ordering website.

Set Up Services

With Figure, you can set up services such as POS, Kiosk, Online Ordering and Kitchen Display.

Manage Your Menus

Add manually or import items to Figure, set prices, modifiers or options. Then, use those items to create menus for individual services. It is up to you which items you are going to sell online or on your POS or Kiosk.

Add Items

Add all of your items to our system. Then, you can choose if they will display them on your Online Ordering, POS or Kiosk.
You can add items manually or import a CSV file: see how.

Create Menus

After you added or imported items, you can create menus for each service. . It is up to you which items you are going to sell online or on your POS.

Set Up Payments

  • Cash Payments: cash payments are enabled by default. You can adjust those predefined settings according to your needs.
  • Card Payments: please, contact us at or your consultant to set up your card payments

Add Employees

Add your team to Figure system, so they can log in to Figure. You can then track their shifts, or see their performance.

Download the Apps

Follow steps in this article to download POS, KDS and Mobile App.

Table Management

Manage the layout of tables, rooms, floors, etc. You can create several sections which might be rooms.

End of Day Operations