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Kitchen Display – Initial Setup

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Figure Kitchen Display System (KDS) brings your kitchen together into one smooth operation. Use Figure’s Kitchen Display System in your restaurant to keep your team on the same page.

To start using KDS, you will create a new service in the Figure Manage website. After, you will easily connect your POS with your KDS.

Figure Manage website

[1] Log into Figure Manage website with your credentials and go to Management -> Locations & Services.
[3] Create a new Service with a type ‘Kitchen Display’ and hit Save.

[4] The setup in Figure Manage is done at this point. When opening the service detail, you can see a Pin Code for your KDS which you will use to sign in to the KDS app.


Now, the KDS has to be set up the same way as a kitchen printer.

[1] Go to Main menu -> Settings -> Printers. See the ORDER / KITCHEN PRINTER section and click Add Printer.

[2] Select your newly created KDS.


[1] Download the Kitchen Display from App Store and open the app.

[2] Log in with the Pin Code you can find in the service detail in a Figure Manage website.

Your KDS set up is complete now!

Tips: Check features and simple settings.