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Kitchen Display – Features

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Figure Kitchen Display System (KDS) brings your kitchen together into one smooth operation. Use Figure’s Kitchen Display System in your restaurant to keep your team on the same page.

Once you have your KDS set up (how to set up your KDS), you can start sending orders to the kitchen. Check some simple features and settings below.


See which orders are pending, scheduled for the future, or already completed. You can move your tickets between ‘PENDING’ and ‘DONE’ as you need to.

Simple color coordination

You can always tell which orders are new and which were sent to the kitchen a while ago.

Prioritize tickets

Bump orders to be prioritized in extenuating curcumstances. By hitting the PRIORITIZE button, the ticket will move to the first place along with a sound notification.

Mark individual items as done

Tap the particular item and mark it as done.

Simple settings

1 – Choose which assignments (Delivery / To Go / Table 1,…) you want to see in your filter.

2 – By enabling this, all exclusions will be always at the top of the ticket.

3 – Choose whether you want to see the modifier group name always, never or only when there is a special group pricing,

Tips: Check how to easily set up your KDS.