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Options and Modifiers

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Option Groups are choices tied to any item. Example: if you are selling ice cream as dessert, then the client can choose between these flavours: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or combination of them. They are all options. The combination of chocolate and vanilla can be a more expensive option than the simple vanilla. Your client can choose their favourite option (flavour) and the price will reflect that.

Modifier Groups are additions, modifications or exclusions that you can add to any item. Example: client can choose the chocolate ice cream, but he wants toppings. Toppings like: shaved chocolate, caramel sauce or sprinkles, are the modifiers. You can set their price and configure them easily.

Below is a step by step guide on how to create option groups and modifier groups and how to add them to items:

How to create an Option Group

[1]  Log into Figure Manage website and go to Management -> Items & Categories 

[2] Go to Options tabs

[3] Click on New Option Group

[4] Insert Option Name and click on Add Options

[5] If preferred, add kitchen name for the Options

[6] Click on Save

How to add Options to items

[1] Go to Management -> Items & Categories tab

[2] Choose Pricing Type “Set in Options

[3] Add the Option Group you just created 

[4] Set Prices for the Options

[5] Click On Save

How to create individual Modifiers

[1] Go to Management -> Items & Categories 

[2] Go to Modifiers tab

[3] Click on New Modifier button

[4] Write Modifier Name. If preferred, add kitchen name for that modifier. 

[5] Click on Save

[6] Add as many Modifiers as you need. Then add them to a group

How to create Modifier Groups

[1] Go to Modifier Groups tab

[2] Click on New Modifier Group

[3] Write Group Name

[4] Here you can choose the kind of modifier group: exclusions / maximum or minimum modifiers / priced as group 

  • Exclusion = items that customers can choose to exclude from their meals
  • Minimum Selection = require to select minimum amount
  • Maximum Selection = require to select maximum amount
  • Priced as Group = modifiers can be offered as a group of modifiers up to selected amount for one price
    In the example below, customers can choose up to 1 – 5 modifiers, up to 3 modifiers, the price for the whole modifier group will be $5.

[5] Add the individual Modifiers you just created and Assign Prices

[6] Click on Save

You just created a modifier group that you can add to any item. Learn here how to add a modifier group to an item.

How to Add modifiers to an item

[1] Go to Management -> Items & Categories

[2] Click on an item you want to add the Modifier Group to

[3] Click on Add Modifiers

[4] Add the Modifier group you’ve just created

NEW You can add multiple Modifier Groups. If you do, you can then rearrange them as needed by using the arrows icon. You can move the Modifier Group to the top, bottom or up or down by one level.
They way the Modifier Groups are sorted here, they will be displayed on Make It Butter, POS and Kiosk.

[5] Click On Save

Nested Modifiers

A Modifier Group can be added to an individual modifier in order to specify that modifier. This can be done by clicking the + button by a modifier and choosing the modifier group.

This is how nested modifiers are displayed on Make It Butter:

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