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Password Reset

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You should reset your password periodically or when you have a suspicion that it has been compromised. Also, a password reset might be needed if you forget it.

In this article you will learn:

Forgotten password – reset

[1] In order to reset your forgotten password, go to and use the link ‘Forgot Your Password?

[2] Fill in the e-mail address you signed up to the Figure system with and hit ‘Change Password

[3] Check your mailbox. You will receive a message with the subject Password Reset. Open the message and use the button ‘Change My Password‘.

In case you can’t see the message in the primary inbox, please search for it by using the subject Password Reset or the email address it is sent from: or check other folders such as Spam, Promotions, etc.

[4] This will lead to a page where you will be able to set a new password.

[5] After the password is changed, sign in with your email address and the new password.

Reset password for an employee

[1] Go to Figure Manage > Management > Employees

[2] Click on an employee to open the employee detail

[3] Click the Send new password / Reset password button.

An email with password reset link will be sent to the employee’s email address.