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In case you need to return the money to the customer, you can use several types of refund. See steps below or watch this short recording to see how to do the full refund.

[1] Go to the order list in your POS.

[2] Search for an order you would like to refund. You can use the search bar and search by the order number, customer name, total amount, phone number, email or asignee.

[3] Double tap the order to open the order detail.

[4] Hit the REFUND button at the bottom.

[5] Then, you can either do the FULL REFUNDREFUND ITEM (you can choose which particular items will be refunded), or you can choose a custom amount which will be refunded



[6] Confirm the refund.

The money will be refunded and the refund receipt will be printed.

See this short video on how to do the full refund: