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Restaurant Online Appearance

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Make your restaurant easy to find and let your customers order smoothly! Check the tips below or download a simple PDF checklist.


Does your website provide all the necessary info that your customers are looking for? Check the list below!


  • Business hours
  • Menu / ORDER NOW button
  • Contact information
    • Contact form or phone number and email address
    • Address
  • Social media links or previews
  • Awards / Certificates 
  • Testimonials
  • Preview of review/rating sites
  • Subscription to the email list 
  • Highlight Gift Cards offer
  • Highlight Loyalty Program
  • Other attributes
    • Wifi 
    • Outdoor seating
    • Parking options
    • Special diets offers


  • Show professional photos of your restaurant and meals
  • Provide mobile friendly website


  • List your business in Google Maps by adding your restaurant to Google Business Profile – fill all the data and keep it up do date
  • Have your website linked on other authoritative websites
  • Use Google Analytics to see when and how customers visit your website

Online Discoverability

You have a website. Great! But that is not enough. There are several options how to help with the discoverability of the website and your restaurant. See the tips below.


Social Media