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Gift Cards

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There are two types of card programs:

  • Virtual = eGift Card
    • a code or QR code
  • Physical = Gift Card
    • physical plastic card

To set up physical Gift Cards, please contact as at

To set up your eGift Card takes few simple steps:
1. Create a Gift Card Program – 30 seconds
2. Add the eGift Card to your POS and Make It Butter – 5 minute

Part 1: Create a Gift Card Program

[1] Log into Figure Manage website with your credentials and go to Management > Card Program.

[2] Create a New Card Program

[3] Fill the required fields. Untick the checkbox by ‘Physical Gift Cards‘ to create a Virtual eGift Card program. (To set up the Physical Gift Cards, please contact us at

[4] Activate the card for required locations.

Part 2: Add the Card to POS and Make It Butter

How to add the Card Program to POS

[1] Go to Management > Sales Input > POS Register

[2] Choose the Card Program folder or the Gift Card and drag and drop it to the schematized view section to a required place.

How to add the Card Program to Make It Butter

[1] Go to Management > Locations & Services

[2] Create a New Service with ‘Online Ordering’ type.

[3] Go to Settings > Online Ordering

[4] Choose the newly created online ordering service.

[5] Set the Online Ordering Website Template as Simple.
Now you can customize your Gift Card website. You can set your own background image, logo, or color.

[6] Now you have your Gift Card website activated. Share your link with your customers, on your website or social media. You can find the link to your newly created website in the service detail.

Tips: To learn more about Gift Cards and how to use them, check this article.