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Split Payments

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Your customers can pay for the entire order at once, or they can split the check. It’s up to you whether you split it before or upon payment.

In order to split the check, follow the steps below:

[1] Open the order you want to split the check for and hit the CHARGE button

[2] Then, hit the SPLIT-PAY button

[3] Choose one of the methods to split the payment: ADD CUSTOM, SPLIT EVENLY, or SPLIT BY ITEMS

a) ‘ADD CUSTOM’ allows you to charge a custom amount.

b) ‘SPLIT EVENLY’ allows you to split the check evenly in as many parts as you want.

c) ‘SPLIT BY ITEMS’ allows you to choose specific items to be charged. You can either SELECT ALL (for example for the remaining items to be charged):

or choose items one by one:

You can always charge the split immediately [CHARGE SPLIT] or print the check and charge later [PRINT CHECK & PROCEED].

In the Arrange Split Payment screen, you will always see the list of splits you made. By tapping on the row, you can see the items in the split.

You can also always reprint the check for a split or delete it.

By tapping the PRINT CHECKS, checks for all splits will be printed.

By tapping CHARGE at the bottom, all the splits will get charged one by one. You will always by able to choose the payment method for each split.

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