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Table Ordering [QR Codes]

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Before you start using our Table Ordering, you need to have an active online ordering website (Make It Butter). If you don’t have your online ordering website running, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to help you set it up.

Save the time of your staff and let customers order by scanning a QR code places on the table. The QR code will open your online ordering website.
It is up to you whether you will allow customers to keep an open tab or if every order will be closed right away.

[1] Log into Figure Manage website with your credentials and go to Management> Assignments.

[2] Create a list of your tables. Use the button ‘New Section’ to create a section (such as room) if needed and ‘New Assignment’ to create a table.

[3] Set a name or number for each table and add it to a required section.

[4] Hit Save.

[5] Once your table list is complete, go to Management -> Locations & Services.

[6] Find your online ordering (Make it Butter) service and open the detail by clicking on it.

[7] At the bottom of the detail you will see ‘Tables QR Codes’. Click ‘Download Here‘.

[8] A PDF with all QR codes for each table will be downloaded. Place them properly on tables and start receiving orders.

How to enable the OPEN TAB

You can decide whether your online ordering website – after scanning a table QR code – will show CASH/CARD options or CARD/START TAB.

With an open tab, the order will keep open and the customer will be able to order more items in a longer period of time and pay later.

In order to allow having an open tab, go to Management -> Assignments and open an assignment or section detail by clicking on it. To allow the open tab, enable the option ‘Allow Open Orders via Online Ordering‘ as in the image below and click Save.

Example: Ordering process with the open tab enabled:

Adding item to a cart

Item Added to a cart -> Checkout

After hitting Checkout: Contact information + ‘Card’ or ‘Start Tab’ options

A confirmation after choosing ‘Start Tab’ and placing the order.

Adding a new item to the order. At the top, there is always a price of the open order displayed.

After hitting Checkout, customers can choose to either pay by card or add the item to the open tab.

Checking the cart/order.