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Tip Adjustment

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Adjust all tips as soon as possible to make sure they are all adjusted before the batch is closed. After the batch is closed and the transactions are settled, it is not possible to adjust tips anymore.

How to adjust tips in ‘Tip Adjustment’ agenda

‘Tip Adjustment’ agenda is there to speed up the process of adjusting multiple transactions – usually at the end of the shift.

[1] Go to POS and log in with your credentials

[2] Go to Menu -> Operations -> Tip Adjustment

[3] Choose a transaction you would like to adjust and click in the field in Tips column

[4] Input the tip amount

[5] Hit ADJUST TIPS in the top right corner

Helpful Features

See some of the features that will help you go through the tip adjustment process smoothly.

High Amount Check

No more typos! We have you covered!

If the inputted amount is greater than 30 % of the original transaction, a confirmation popover will appear. You can either confirm or cancel and correct the amount.

Easily identify already adjusted transactions

If you see a green checkmark by the tip amount, the transaction was already adjusted.

Input $0 tip for transactions with no tip

Feel free to input $0 for transactions with no tip. That will help you to see what transactions/receipts you have already checked and taken care of.

How to adjust tips in the order detail

[1] Go to POS

[2] Search for an order you would like to adjust

[3] Open the order detail by double tapping the order

[4] Hit ADJUST TIP button

[5] Input the tip amount

[6] Hit ADJUST BY *the amount* button. The tip will be adjusted.