Our Team

Our team is spread across three continents. Our application is running with first clients, who find it meaningful, which makes our work meaningful also to us.

Jin Woo Park

Small businesses play a vital role in driving innovation and creativity. My motivation for working on Figure is to become a technological bridge for such businesses to further their impact.


I enjoy working on Figure because we are making a project that actually helps people, and we are doing it with a team that I respect and admire.


Pavel Hamřík
CEO & Design Lead

With Figure, we’re supporting the same cafés and barbershops you or I go to on regular basis. People there do honest work and I value the fact that my work can help them.


Kelly Yang
Product Manager

We make the lives of business owners easier so they can focus on their craft and serving their community, while we can focus on ours and serve them. It’s a virtuous cycle and I’m excited to be a part of it!


Jacob Ling
Sales Lead

Small businesses are fundamental pieces in the community. Each one weaves into an organic fabric. In Figure, I have the joy and privilege of touching local livelihoods by listening well, dreaming more, and enabling people.


Martin Jakubec
iOS Developer

I work in a small group of people who know what they’re doing. We are building a project with world ambitions from the scratch; I am constantly learning and my work has impact. HUB is a great space full of of great people and I found some good friends in some of them. And I live practically right around the corner!


Martin Škrovina
iOS Developer

I appreciate that Figure focuses on “only” one product and on the US market. I have the opportunity to influence the result even as a designer and I’m not bothered by any corporate rules.


Wai Tsang
iOS Developer

We are making an awesome solution for small businesses. It’s great to take a part of the team.


Marián Harčarik
Front-end Developer

 I have always wanted to make this world a better place to live in. With amazing ideas and even more wonderful team around Figure, this became reality and I’m happy to be part of it.


Michal Sankot
Back-end Developer

What I like on Figure is that it’s like a juicy orange. Flexible, full of tasty interesting technological juice. And on top of that it’s in a nice package of Brno Impact HUB.


Martin Bella
Back-end Developer

I don’t like when I get bored. Repetitive tasks, corporate rules, processes… That all is just killing creativity. Fortunately it doesn’t happen here. Almost every day we think about solutions for unusual problems and that’s what I like on Figure.


Jan Crha

I need two things at work, feeling that my work matters and learning new things. Here at Figure I get plenty of both. I’m surrounded by talented people who teach me a lot every day.


Lucie Karmová

If I was a programmer, I’d love to work with these guys! I like what they do and the way they’re doing it. So at least I am helping them finding a new colleague.