QA Engineer

You will be the key person who will help us to develop the perfect tool for our clients

  • We are building Figure, an application for payments, sales and analyses.
  • Figure consists of an iOS app a web app and the entire system is cloud-based.
  • Check out our stack to see what we work with!

What awaits you?

  • Full-time job in the brand new premises of the Impact Hub Brno.
  • You will be your own master and set up the entire QA system.
  • Manual and automatic testing of the Figure POS system.
  • Responsibility. Our clients are dependent on Figure. We can not allow an app to get into production that will not properly calculate product prices, will not allow any of the expected payment methods, or will not report properly. You will be the one who agrees that the build of the application can go into production.
  • You will influence the prioritization of errors and you will suggest how to improve them. We want to hear your voice.

Are you our fellow?

  • You are a bit perfectionist, you work independently and you can describe the problem in a clear way.
  • You like new technologies.
  • We will be pleased by your interest in monitoring of the entire Figure ecosystem.
  • You do not mind the stereotype.
  • You understand JavaScript at least a bit and you are not afraid to get into Git. Java would not come amiss. You do not have to be a master, we’ll be happy to help you.
  • You have basic command line knowledge.
  • You speak English.

And why should you work with us?

What you can expect

  • You´ll get the compensation youl´ll be satisfied with
  • You’ll use state-of-the-art technologies, will be able to test them out and play with them. Take a look at our Stack and see for yourself!
  • We are based in the Impact Hub Brno. There is easy here to talk to the acquaintances about two offices away. Or at the bar. Or the barbecue. There are lots of events going on and you will have access to most of them for free.
  • We contribute to relevant conferences.
  • ..and we’re just cool people. When we deal with a school or kindergarten, we need a home office or to go to the bank, we comply with our wishes.

How we work

  • You’ll become part of a small Czech–American team. Each team member is seen and heard. Everyone has a say in what is going to happen, how and why.
  • We do one product and we’re good at it. We have to be. Any imperfections in the app will come back to haunt us.
  • We spend time effectively, no unnecessary meetings and pointless hierarchy.
  • Our work is visible and we perceive how with each release we bring a better tool for our clients.
  • Once a year we work 7 days off-site (2017 Paris, 2016 New York, 2015 Barcelona).

Do you feel the same way?

E-mail Martina

… and join us!


Martina Červenková