Frontend Developer

You will be in charge of our web and mobile (iOS and Android) applications

  • We are building Figure, set of applications for payments, sales and analyses.
  • The entire system is cloud-based.
  • Check out our stack to see what we work with!


Must have

  • Frontend enthusiast
  • Experience with various frontend environments
  • We are mainly building React and React Native apps – people we would like to work with should have deep experience with those frameworks.

Nice to have and welcome

  • Experience with CI/CD is welcome
  • Experience with other JS UI frameworks (Angular, etc.)
  • Experience with native iOS/Android development
  • Interest in back-end technologies: Node.js, cloud technologies (AWS, Heroku or others), advanced cloud architecture (microservices, event sourcing), monitoring, security topics, orchestration and configuration

We save small businesses a lot of trouble

And we have them to testify:

“I own and run three dry cleaning and laundry businesses. I struggled and searched for the right point of sale system. I require a POS system that is reliable, robust, and easy to maintain. There are so many options out there but nothing in the market matched my needs. Then I found Figure POS. It’s simple, easy to use, and it has all the features I need. Now I use it to manage all my stores and employees.”

— Sangbum Lee, Natural Garment Care

How our working together will look like

  • You’re looking forward to working full-time.
  • You’re comfortable addressing work-related matters in English.
  • You’ll do proper modern software craftsmanship with us: code review, continuous integration/deployment, unit & end-to-end testing, research in New York in person.
  • You’ll discuss problems and challenges to learn from each other and will be encouraged and supported to learn new things.
  • Our entire development team is based in the Brno Impact HUB. It’s easy to ask your friends two offices over about anything. Or downstairs at the bar. Or at a HUB BBQ.

We're a start-up. What does that mean?

  • You’ll become part of a small Czech–American team. Each team member is seen and heard. Everyone has a say in what is going to happen, how and why. Each team member argues their points.
  • You’ll use state-of-the-art technologies, will be able to test them out and play with them. Take a look at our Stack and see for yourself!
  • We do one thing and we’re good at it. We have to be. Any imperfections in the app will come back to haunt us.
  • You’ll spend your time efficiently – you won’t suffer from unnecessary processes, meetings and hierarchy. We are transparent towards each other.
  • Our work shows and we see how each change in the app helps the business of our clients.

What you can expect

  • Compensation you’ll be satisfied with
  • 5 learning days – workshops, conferences, trying new things
  • 2 lecture days – presenting at conferences, leading workshops
  • 20 vacation days
  • Financial participation on relevant conference tickets
  • One week off-site collaboration each year (2017 Paris, 2016 New York, 2015 Barcelona)

What your first month with Figure will be like

  • You’ll be given a warm welcome and meet everyone on the team.
  • You’ll familiarize yourself with our codebase, infrastructure and tools, you’ll get all set up.
  • You’ll be given an assignment you’ll able to crack and will be a bit of a challenge. We’ll provide the support for you to do so; we’ll help you, and in turn, we expect you to pull it off.
  • You’ll get to know more about Figure and our customers, you’ll understand what we are striving for here.
  • And from the very beginning, we’ll be listening to you.

E-mail Martin

… and join us!

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Martin Jakubec